Training Courses For Casting, Forging And Brazing

Training Courses For Casting, Forging And Brazing


One day data accredited training in casting, forging and brazing at Flamefast Training Centres.

Flamefast are delighted to announce their new 1-day training course in Casting, Forging and Brazing, providing a unique opportunity for teachers to perfect their aluminium casting and hot metal forging skills under professional supervision.

All courses are conducted by DATA  Accredited trainers who will be on hand to offer expert advice and guidance and attendees will receive a DATA (Design & Technology Association) Accreditation in the use of all Heat Treatment equipment.

Where are the training courses held?

Courses are held on the last Friday of every month in the Flamefast Training Centre at The Granville Centre, Lewisham and The JCB Academy in Rocester, Staffordshire who work closely with industry and the wider business community to develop future engineers and business leaders. Please note that course dates are subject to change depending attendance numbers.


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